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An extremely important topic for any business. Health and safety, environmental and food safety regulations are always evolving reflecting the ever increasing demands of higher standards. This can be a daunting task for any size of business. Many small and medium sized businesses cannot afford full time health and safety managers or officers to ensure they remain legal. Other larger organization could well require outside professional advice at times.

This is where our service comes in as it will provide you with the competent advice as you require it without having to issue an initial outlay or commit the business to huge salaries which often do not cover the entire Health and Safety, Food Safety or Environment fields.

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Our retainer services are a cost effective way of complying with the law, enabling you to avoid hefty compensation claims, legal costs and lost revenue

Key benefits of our retainer services are that we set up your system and maintain it, ensuring you are constantly up to date while saving you valuable time. Full legal compliance is achieved within a reasonably short time span thereby enabling you to demonstrate due diligence swiftly.

As a company we will assign the client a consultant or consultants as required to ensure full and proper attention is always given. Named consultant/s will be competent and fully supported by AFCC Limited.

Approved Supplier Status

Some of our services can also include in them helping your business attain an approved supplier status making it easier to gain tenders by demonstrating evidence of full health and safety, food safety & environmental compliance.

Gold, Silver and Bronze retainers do not have a fixed price and are tailored to any particular organization no matter how large or small. The costs will therefore always be relevant to the size of your organisation thereby ensuring for you and your organization a cost effective way of remaining legally compliant. 

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